Brexit concerns intensify — THE ISSUE

06 Avril, 2017, 23:10 | Auteur: Emma Bardin
  • Brexit concerns intensify — THE ISSUE

The European Parliament intends to build on the elements set out in this resolution as the negotiations develop, for example by adopting further resolutions, including on specific matters or sector-specific issues, the resolution says.

Farage also slammed suggestions that the UK may have to pay a divorce bill of £52 billion. "But simply ask the deliver on its commitment and undertakings as a member of the E.U".

EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier called parallel talks on Britain's exit from the EU and a future trade relationship "a very risky approach" that he is bent on avoiding. All left-leaning groups also said that maintaining high levels of social protection would be a top priority for them.

And the resolution calls for protecting the rights of the three million European citizens living in Britain, and the one million Britons residing in EU countries.

As trade is an exclusive competence of Brussels, the resolution expressly forbids the UK to engage in any kind of trade negotiations with foreign countries until its divorce from the bloc is settled.

Theresa May was forced to travel to the opulent, oil-rich state of Saudi Arabia in a chartered flight, whilst Prince Charles nipped over to Europe in the official Royal Air Force jet, reclining in its plush interior alongside an entourage of secretaries, valets, and dressers.

That generation will "see Brexit for what it really is, a catfight in the (British) Conservative party that got out of hand". Does this look like control? "The lies put forward in the last year and the decisions of David Cameron, Nigel Farage and Theresa May have brought about chaos in the UK, turning the United Kingdom into a dis-United Kingdom".

The Parliament's Brexit coordinator, Mr Guy Verhofstadt, said it was perhaps best that there was never much positive passion in the cross-Channel relationship. It was never a love affair and certainly not wild passion. "It would also end the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice".

But it wasn't a failure. Not for Europe and certainly not for Britain. They're treating Britain like a hostage when in fact we're now free.

Syrie: "Combien d'enfants devront encore mourir ?"
Elle a demandé au Conseil de sécurité de l'ONU de convoquer une réunion urgente (.) et d'ouvrir une enquête immédiate. Mais il semble que le président américain pourrait avoir changé d'avoir.

"Irish interests are not just Irish interests, they are also European interests", Weber said.

"If you continue with that route, it won't just be the United Kingdom that triggers Article 50". Experts believe that talks on such crucial deal can also happen once London has arrived at a settlement with the EU on rights of citizens and other financial liabilities.

In response Farage fired back: "I do understand national sensitivities".

And the question of borders could create tensions further afield too.

Several members also criticised comments by British politicians in recent days about Gibraltar.

In a minor departure from Tusk's text, the parliament's resolution hinted at the possibility for Britain to reverse the Brexit process, stressing however that this would be possible only with the approval of all the remaining 27 member states.

The EPP's German leader Manfred Weber told the assembly "we want a fair and constructive atmosphere", but warned Britain cannot get a better deal leaving than staying inside the bloc.

NIGEL Farage has accused the EU of being 'like the mafia' after it handed Spain an effective veto over Gibraltar.