Her Story Developer is Back with Telling Lies

15 Juillet, 2017, 16:31 | Auteur: Emma Bardin

It's still a way off though - Barlow is still in the process of writing the story, currently fleshing out the finer details. The game was a hit by indie standards, selling more than 100,000 copies, and won several awards including Mobile Game of the Year at the SXSW Gaming Awards and best narrative at The Game Awards. It's a completely separate story from Her Story, but will follow in the same vein, being that it will be an FMV-led interactive movie.

If the gripping narrative of Sam Barlow's Her Story was a murder mystery you couldn't look away from, you're going to have a field day with Barlow and publisher Annapurna Interactive's upcoming title Telling Lies. There's even talk of adding potential Hollywood talent to the game in the future. The game will be a political thriller with three to four key characters, he said. The different characters will weave different perspectives throughout the game, which is sure to confuse - and hopefully, engage - players. We have incredibly story-literate audiences... In this, the audience is in control - we have space where the player can jump around.

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Annapurna Interactive will directly handle and oversee all production tasks for the live-action video component of "Telling Lies", including the shoot, post-production and final delivery of video assets to plug into the game.