Donald Trump to Brigitte Macron: "You are really in a great shape!"

16 Juillet, 2017, 12:01 | Auteur: Armand Coulomb
  • US First Lady Melania Trump meets with doctors patients and staff in the children's wing of Necker Hosptial in Paris on Thursday morning

His presidential portrait, which I have previously discussed in these columns, is one example.

U.S. President Donald Trump arrived in France Thursday for Bastille Day celebrations that will see American and French troops marching together Friday on Paris' famed Champs Élysées. "Why is it lie after lie after lie?" he asked. Without backing from an established party - like Berlusconi, Macron created his own movement - he surged from relative unknown to President of the Republic in a matter of months.

With the sheer number of victims and families affected, the scars run deep. But even a figure like British Prime Minister John Major, who was fast-tracked to the top, served as a junior social services minister, foreign secretary, and chancellor of the exchequer before taking over the premiership.

Of course, behind the scenes both Macron and Trump will spell out their respective visions on many important international issues. German leaders since World War II have risen through state and federal political structures. Renzi and Macron are masters of the sound bite. Whether Qatar or Qatari citizens have ever supported 'terrorism' is yet to be proven. Well, maybe it had something to do with Trump hitting on his wife earlier. Most observers see the Paris visit as a moment of triumph for the French President and a brief respite for the US one from his troubles at home. Grassley said he will subpoena Trump Jr. if necessary. One third of the overall death toll were found to be Muslims. It is, Philippe insists, a matter of credibility.

French President Emmanuel Macron (eh-mahn-yoo-EHL' mah-KROHN') is positioning himself as the indispensable intermediary between Europe and Donald Trump.

Macron must understand all of this.

Standing next to Trump, the French President said that while he remains "extremely attached to the framework of the Paris Accord", he "very much respect (s) the decision taken by President Trump".

Saint-Cannat : un incendie ravage 163 hectares
Certains pompiers restaient en surveillance à proximité des habitations, au cas où le sinistre s'approcherait, a-t-il aussi vu. Il ne faut pas emprunter la D17 et la D18 entre Saint- Cannat et Eguilles et faciliter l'accès des secours.

But Sarkozy and Hollande saw their public opinion ratings drop precipitously after their embrace of austerity.

Inevitably some health warnings are in order. In other words, is Macron being driven by faith or hubris? Trump's brand of "America First" politics had unsettled some European allies.

Despite their differences on climate change and trade, the two leaders focused on their close cooperation against IS in Syria and Iraq.

The US President remained non-committal about the United States eventually rejoining the global climate agreement that bears Paris's name, telling Macron: "If it happens that will be wonderful, and if it doesn't that will be OK too".

There are early signs that support may be ebbing.

He added: "I have a feeling that you're going to have a very, very peaceful and beautiful Paris. and I'm coming back". To the innocuously intended, is there nothing under the sky you can say to a woman that does not refer to her body? REUTERS/Eric Gaillard People look at a memorial on the Promenade des Anglais as part of the commemorations of last year's July 14 Bastille Day fatal truck attack in Nice, France, July 14, 2017.