One dead as worst could be yet to come — Hurricane Harvey

28 Août, 2017, 07:13 | Auteur: Thibaud Popelin
  • One dead as worst could be yet to come — Hurricane Harvey

It gradually weakened over the next several hours and the National Hurricane Center said that by 5 a.m. Saturday Harvey was downgraded to a Category 1. But in greater Houston, the payouts were nearly a whopping $500,000 per square mile. Fourteen people have also been injured. "Great coordination between agencies at all levels of government", he said.

The storm ravaged the Southeastern town, causing extensive damage to many buildings and businesses.

Tropical storm Harvey has moved deeper into Texas, bringing heavy rain to the southern US state's coastline and killing at least two people. Andrew Cuomo said Saturday he deployed the emergency personnel to aid the recovery effort. The evacuation is due to an expected 6-10 foot storm surge.

'We are leaving nothing to chance. "It's pretty horrible right now". The US Coast Guard in Houston has requested more helicopters as more people ask for help.

The hurricane centre said although winds are weakening, the storm could cause catastrophic flooding over the coming days.

Harvey bombarded the stretch of the Texas Gulf Coast with home-ripping winds and torrential rains.

Rockport's roads were a mess of toppled power poles. In addition, scientists expect that as human-caused global warming continues and the atmosphere holds more moisture, tropical storms and hurricanes will produce heavier rains.

"Knowing in a couple of days that we might not have our trailer anymore -, " William said, trailing off before starting to tear up.

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Emergency responders completed more than 1,000 high-water rescues during the night. "Remember, this is a multi-day event.marathon not a sprint".

One person was confirmed to have died, with officials in Aransas county saying the victim had perished in a fire that broke out in his house.

"Once all standard checks have been completed, production from undamaged facilities will be brought back on line immediately", the bureau said Friday.

Some areas could get up to 100 centimetres of rain.

The storm's powerful winds caused widespread structural damage across the Texas shore, knocking down less sturdy structures and ripping apart the roofs of others.

Weather forecasters' worst fears regarding Hurricane Harvey are being realized in Houston, the nation's 4th-largest city, as a historic deluge pounded the city overnight and into Sunday morning, with no signs of relenting.

The storm's impact on refineries has already pushed up gasoline prices.

The US Environmental Protection Agency eased rules on gasoline specifications late on Friday to reduce shortages. If you don't live in Houston, you can help support organizations that are currently on the ground, like the American Red Cross.