Washington couple, Harvey and Irma, reflect on storms with their names

10 Septembre, 2017, 16:02 | Auteur: Mathilde Kaplan
  • Washington couple, Harvey and Irma, reflect on storms with their names

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, which ripped through Houston and left at least 70 dead, comes Hurricane Irma, a massive storm that's already destroyed multiple small Caribbean islands and is headed for Florida.

It's likely both Harvey and Irma will be retired after the 2017 storm season, which would mean this is the only time the Schluters will see their names paired together. They lived on the farms, and the neighbor lived on a farm too.

Scientists have pointed out that Canada, being a northern country, will feel the effects of global warming at a greater rate and this is being proven.

When they first heard the news, they couldn't believe it. That's why names of prominent hurricanes get retired and replaced on the list.

Harvey and Irma Schluter share names with the two hurricanes that have threatened the southern U.S.in the past two weeks.

The pair from Spokane, Wash. say it's hard for them to even watch the news about the namesake hurricanes. The mechanics of how climate change affects hurricanes is complex, but a few things are clear: climate change is real, humans have made it much worse, and the strongest storms are made worse by the effects of climate change, like rising ocean temperatures.

Touchée par les événements, Laeticia Hallyday poste un message inquiétant — Ouragan Irma
Et une fois de plus, la marraine de l'association Bonne étoile prouve qu'elle a un coeur immense. La réponse ne s'est pas fait attendre: "Il a déjà ouvert sa maison", a-t-elle répondu.

So, as with Harvey, these superstorms have always happened due to natural causes, but the underlying conditions in the oceans and atmosphere have primed the pump. However, that is not the entire story. In addition to the outright deniers there are those who refuse to do anything about it in the belief that it will ruin the economy or upset their friends or place them among the camp of the "tree huggers".

"It's pretty amazing, huh?" said Dona Schluter, their 47-year-old daughter adopted at age 3, The Spokesman-Review reported. The floods destroyed thousands of homes and displaced more than 30,000 people. Two people, married 75 years.

The first taste of the storms' impact has already shown up.

This is a repeat of last year, when residents of Fort McMurray and other communities had to be evacuated and parts of the city burned.

"I don't know, we just did", she said. Etymologically, Irma has the German meaning of "war goddess", and the old Briton translation of Harvey is "battle worthy".