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14 Janvier, 2018, 01:47 | Auteur: Armand Coulomb
  • Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif

Going back to the comparison with 2009, that year's demonstrations posed a serious political risk inasmuch as they represented an intra-establishment conflict with the potential to produce dangerous levels of fragmentation. Western officials should also keep their expectations of the protests in check.

On Saturday, Iranians could access the photo-sharing site Instagram again after it was blocked for the past week. It was a pivotal visit that would cement Riyadh's relationship with the newly inaugurated President Donald Trump. Investors shares dropped drastically in value and there was no state-owned enterprise control.

The U.S. position is changing. In any case, the Iranian threat is more an Israeli fantasy than reality. "We will not leave him alone in his fight against enemies". Mashhad, like Sidi Bouzid in Tunisia, Daraa in Syria, and Mahalla al-Kubra in Egypt, is a peripheral city, where poverty, unemployment, corruption, and government repression have prompted citizens to rebel.

"The Iranian people are calling out, 'Think of us!'" Haley said, echoing a chant heard at some protests. President Hassan Rouhani, a relative moderate, had promised that lifting most international sanctions under Iran's landmark 2015 nuclear deal with the West would revive Iran's long-suffering economy.

His administration has taken a tough line against Iran, which is competing for influence across the Middle East with Saudi Arabia, a key US ally. At the same time, Rouhani has enforced austerity policies that hit households hard.

Both Iran and Russia said that if the Iranian protests are a matter for the Security Council to oversee, then the American Occupy Wall Street demonstrations and Black Lives Matter protests in Ferguson should have been as well. People look at you sideways and wonder what your major malfunction is.

China also left little doubt about Beijing's position that the Security Council is not a place to discuss the internal affairs of any country. U.S. policy has generally had two objectives: lengthen the Iranian regime's nuclear timeline and shorten Iran's democratization timeline. Many protests have seen a startlingly overt rejection of Iran's system of government by Islamic clerics. Days after Hariri's resignation, al-Sabhan met with officials from the State Department, Pentagon and the White House National Security Council.

The United States and its allies should, through public statements, private messages, UN resolutions and whatever other vehicles are available, clearly express their support for Iranians' right to protest.

Demands by protesters in Iran for freedom and adequate living standards must be addressed and their rights respected, UN human rights experts* have stated. "We want to go the other way". However, the opposition announced that the toll has reached 50 on Friday.

In recent days, government supporters have held several mass rallies across the country to protest the unrest. It has used the ensuing decades to turn the clock back by several centuries. The budget also envisaged a new jump in fuel prices.

Grosse inquiétude après la disparition de Téo, 12 ans
La police a lancé samedi 13 janvier un appel à témoins et ouvert une enquête pour disparition inquiétante. Toute personne ayant des informations est invitée à appeler la police de Maubeuge au 03 27 69 17 36 .

How could the ayatollah and the mullahs, who restrict freedom by divine law, accept democratic freedoms without imperiling their own theological dictatorship?

Like so many protests around the world, the current demonstrations in Iran appear to have begun with bread-and-butter concerns.

"They just take money from us", he said.

Scepticism increased when some prominent Iranian figures such as the former crown prince, Reza Pahlavi, and the Nobel laureate Shirin Ebadi asked the US to increase pressure on Iran.

Iran's interior minister said up to 42,000 people took part during the week of protests.

Last time Trump had to decide on the deal, he didn't recertify it.

Growth outside the oil sector was at 3.3 percent.

After criticizing Iran's ballistic missile development and role in supporting Yemeni rebels, U.K. Ambassador Matthew Rycroft added that "The U.K. remains fully committed to the JCPOA", an acronym for the nuclear accord.

1/7/2018 12:06 a.m. - To understand why Iranians are protesting, consider the town of Doroud.